Mobile Media Download Center Screen Shots

The Mobile Media Download Center uses databases to store various
user defined profiles and media contents.

The steps to create a download suite are easy!
1). Upload media content into the media pool database.
2). Create a media object group (subset of above pool) with content needed for a particular suite.
3). Create profiles for Download Descriptors, Rights, DRM Content Format, etc.
4). Create a Test Suite by selecting individual profiles and the required download modes.
5). Click on "Create Links" and in minutes a complete website with content will be created.

Below are screen shots of the links that are automatically created along with the newly created download content:

The 1st example shows a DL-1 download.
1). The user selects: "DL-1 HTTP Download"

2). The user selects: "Image".

3). "JPG" is then selected.

4). JPEG images can now be accessed.

5). The "1.jpg" image was downloaded
using the DL-1 mode.
Next we show screen shots
while downloading "DRM-1
Forward Lock" content using
the Openwave simulator.

1). The DRM-1 link is selected

2). "Image" is selected.

3). Then "JPG".
4). Then "Hotdoggy".
5). The Download Descriptor
for "Hotdoggy" is downloaded
1st. Then the "Download"
softkey is pressed.

6). The download status is
shown. Then the "Launch"
softkey is pressed.
7). The DRM-1 content was
successful downloaded. This
content cannot be forwarded.


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