Mobile Media Download Center document
Mobile Media Download Center Demo Installation document
OMA Download and DRM related specifications are available from the Open Mobile Alliance
An excellent introduction to Java MIDlets: Java MIDlet Tutorial
Nokia's Wiki of  JAD attributes
DRM push testing: Aeroflex 6402 CDMA-AIME test platform
Apache HTTP Server
PHP general-purpose scripting language
MySQL Community Server

              Examples of some of the files automatically created with the Mobile Media Download Center:
OMA Download

Download Descriptor - .dd

DRM-1 Forward Lock - DRM Message - .dm

DRM-2 Combined Delivery - DRM Message - .dm

DRM-3 Separate Delivery - DRM Content Format - .dcf

DRM-3 Rights file - .dr 
DRM-3 Separate Delivery rights files (.dr) are compressed into a wbxml format (.drc) and they are sent via SMS. The Mobile Media Download Center can send the Rights via a Push Proxy
Gateway (PPG) using the Push Access Protocol (PAP).

Java MIDlets

Java Application Descriptor - JAD

Generic Content Download

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