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OMA Download
Enable OMA Download Mode Download sequence description
DL-1  Only the Media Object is downloaded 
DL-2  Co-Delivery of both the Download Descriptor and the Media Object
DL-3  1st the Download Descriptor and then the Media Object
DRM-1  1st the Download Descriptor and then the Forward Locked DRM Media Object
DRM-2  1st the Download Descriptor and then Combined-Delivery of Rights and Media Object
DRM-3  1st the Download Descriptor and then Separate Delivery of the Media Object over the web followed by pushed Rights over SMS

Select all applicable OMA download modes to be tested

General Content Download
Enable GCD mode General Content Download (GCD) is Sprint's non-DRM download mode.

Java MIDlet Suite
Enable Java Midlets Java Midlet: A Java Application Descriptor (JAD) is downloaded followed by a Java Archive (JAR)

Depricated DRM modes

Enable Openwave's "x-drm:" headers
(pre OMA Download)
no-save, no-forward
no-save, forward
save, no-forward
save, forward

Enable NTT DoCoMo's "i-mode" for GIF & JPEG content only (pre OMA Download) The string: copy="NO" is inserted into
the GIF or JPEG comment header

Profile selections

OMA Download Specific
Send the Download Descriptor (Used with OMA Download) Select the Download Descriptor profile to use: